Clinical testing using Sensoria custom FSR sensors (0-80psi, 100Hz) on a Cybex treadmill at 2.7mph, has proven Edensoles to be more effective than most leading brands in that they provide:


  • Significantly more initial comfort

  • Significantly more overall comfort

  • Significantly better arch support

  • Significantly better heel support

  • Match the shape of the foot better than other leading brands

  • Significantly better cushioning

Some of the Questions Asked in Wear Testing

Is there a significant difference in the arch support of the Edensoles insole compared to the competitor insoles?

Yes! The Edensoles has lower arch support pressure than the competitor orthotics. It also has a more consistent pressure during the foot strike while the competitor products increase the arch pressure during the push off phase of walking. (this is the main advantage of our Dynamic Customisation technology) This critical point is shown in the above graphs The rigid insole has similar arch support to the Edensoles at initial contact, but increases during push off. The Edensoles has much more even arch support even while pushing off.

Do testers feel a difference in the support, comfort, or cushioning of these insoles?

Yes! We had 5 male testers (average weight and foot shape for each gender) try out Edensoles at Heeluxe, LLC, in Santa Barbara, CA. The testers prefer the initial comfort, overall comfort, arch support, and cushioning of the Edensoles insole.

Do they have a preference for how one's insoles matches the shape of their foot?

Yes! The 5 male testers prefer how the Edensoles insole matches the shape of their foot. There is a significant difference in how much they prefer the shape of Edensoles over a rigid support insoles.