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A major breakthrough in footwear technology

How does the Dynamic Customization work?  The secret lies in the heart of the sole.  Sandwiched between a thick top layer of very slow release foam that is close to the foot, and an underlying layer of EVA cushioning material, is a bladder which spans the arch area, that is filled with a Smart Polymer, that actively contours to the shape of the arch from one footstep to the next.  As pressure is applied to the underlying surface of the foot with each foot-strike, the phase change polymer contours to the topography of the medial and lateral, longitudinal arches of the foot, to provide optimal support and active cushioning.

No two foot steps are alike!  This is where the Dynamic Customization comes in.  Edensoles Dynamic Customization is a plush insole system, designed to move and actively change with the position of the feet from one step to another.  Regardless of the movement, such as walking or running, or the type of shoe, Dynamic Customization actively contours to the shape of the arches of the feet, to provide optimal support and premium comfort.

This allows the foot to “function more naturally” from heel strike through propulsion at toe off, without the impedance of conventional arch support insoles. The Smart Polymer of the Dynamic Customization system is heat activated from the temperature of your foot within the shoe.  As the kinematics of the arches of the foot change during each step, the distribution of pressure under the foot also changes.  The Smart Polymer becomes more fluid, filling the apex of the bladder, which stabilises the medial arch to control excessive foot pronation, during the mid-stance phase of ground contact.  Biomechanically, the Dynamic Customization system responds to the motions and forces associated with the movement pattern. 


The very slow rebound foam also helps secure the foot to the insole, within the shoe to allow the "Smart Polymer" to fill the arch topography as it changes with each footstep and activity while leaving plenty of room for circulation throughout the insole.  Whether you are a performance athlete or casually walking, the Dynamic Customization system will promote a more natural, comfortable step to reduce fatigue and promote good foot health.



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A Major Breakthrough in Footwear Technology

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