No two footsteps are alike!  This is where Dynamic Customization comes in.  Edensoles Dynamic Customization is a plush insole system, designed to move and actively change with the position of the feet from one step to another.

A Major Breakthrough in Footwear Technology

Introducing Edensoles, the creator of dynamic customisation.  An amazing breakthrough in footwear technology.  Edensoles shape to the contour of your feet from step to step and adapt to the demands of a tiring day from morning to evening.


Let’s take a look at how Edensoles Dynamic Customisation works.  Contained in the bottom layer  is a bladder of specialised polymer.  When you stand on the insole, the weight from your heel and metatarsal pushes the polymer under the arch to instantly provide precise customisation and support to the shape of your feet.  Now your insoles fit perfectly.


But Dynamic Customisation does stop there.  As you walk, the polymer continues to provide the perfect balance of support and comfort, healthy blood circulation and flexibility to change with the ongoing movement of your feet, step after step.


It’s time to put away old technology such as moulds, memory foam, gel or other types of static insoles that remain the same regardless of your activity.


You need Dynamic Customisation instantly providing a perfect fit as well as ongoing comfort and support step after step from morning to night.  You need Edensoles.



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ADVANCED FOOTWEAR TECHNOLOGY: Edensoles Dynamic Customization insoles instantly shape the contour of your feet from step to step and adapt to the demands of a tiring day from morning to evening. Long workdays, running, better balance, relaxed walking, long-standing without pain.

MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH IN FOOTWEAR COMFORT AND SUPPORT: The internal SMART POLYMER instantly shapes your feet to fit perfectly. Continues to support with flexibility and EVA foam for extra comfort, help with pronation, flat feet, Plantar Fasciitis, back, knee, foot pain, and fatigue.

VERSATILE: Super comfortable, best support and comfort for formal and other thinner shoes, tight loafers, skates, and ski boots.

PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIAL: Edensoles are made of a top layer of anti-sweat fabric, thick slow release foam, an underlying layer of high quality two densities of EVA cushioning material, mouldable bladder which spans the arch area that is filled with Smart Polymer for Dynamic Customization.

SERVING YOU THROUGH EXCELLENCE: We are committed to providing the best quality products. Your satisfaction is our priority so we are confident that you will be completely satisfied with this major breakthrough in footwear technology. We back our shoe inserts with a Full Refund Policy and our stellar Customer Service to help you buy with confidence.



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